Friday, November 12, 2010

Gay Marriage

A friend says to me, "So Billy, I noticed you follow politics and also are involved in religion, so what do you think about the whole "gay marriage" thing? For it? Ban it?"

So I says...

Well in answer to your question, I am torn between my idea for a right and functioning civil society and a desire to follow Jesus Christ. This is difficult in this situation because I believe according to the Constitution that there is no valid reason for gays not to be allowed to marry. Despite the fact that this nation was founded by a Christian majority, a deist minority, and in all likelihood had no intentions for setting up a system where gays could be allowed to marry, these same men did set up a system where such a thing could legally happen. Remember, they probably also never intended for women to vote or for blacks to have equal rights either :-/

So no, under the Constitution I can see no reason that gays should not be allowed to "marry"...but that brings up another question. Why do gays want to get "married" in the first place? I think first and foremost the term marriage should be used in its original connotation: a union under God sanctioned by the church, not as a function of the state. As it is gay partners have the same rights and protections in some states as plenty of married couples, and yet for some reason they insist on being recognized under a religious term.

I don't think gays should be married just like I don't atheists should be married...should they get the same rights and functions as a married couple? Absolutely, since there is no constitutional reason why they shouldn't. But why religiously recognize a union between two nonreligious individuals? Fix the term I say, and then progress from there.

Religiously I am quite obviously opposed to gay marriage. It is in direct contradiction with the written word of God. However I do not judge, nor is it my place to judge, ANY actions done by non-Christians in this world. If a man wants to engage another man sexually and he is not a Christian, why not? He is living by a completely different set of standards than Christians live by. However, if he is a Christian, and if he fully believes that Jesus Christ came and died for his sins, to be free from ANY kind of sexual immorality (be it homosexuality or anything else), than yes he must make a conscious effort to rid himself of this "desire". This will not be easy, and by no means is any man perfect, but he must daily and willfully struggle against this desire which the Bible recognizes as sinful. Fighting sin however is not done in the flesh, but through the Holy Spirit, who empowers us as Christians to follow Christ even though our bodies are constantly rebelling against us.

Paul puts it this way: "So death (being sin) is at work in us, but life is found in Jesus Christ." We are imperfect creatures, and we all sin (homosexuality is just one type of sin), but through the blood of Jesus we are free to follow Him, and love Him, and be more like Him in every aspect of our lives. He will not judge us by our sins anymore, instead He will judge us by how we lived our lives after we accept His purity into our lives.

Boom! Gay marriage solved 

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