Monday, October 25, 2010

Why I Started This

Good question. And I have no real reason. I could care less if anybody follows this or reads this and I rather hope they don't, because in all honesty the title of this blog is quite true.

As a writer in grad school I have found that a major source of inspiration to my writing (and reading) consists of good bourbon whiskey and/or possibly chai tea. Since I don't really feel like putting the word "chai" in my blog title, I figured bourbon would be the next best thing, and besides who would really want to read about my rants after I get all hopped up on too much...tea. Exactly. It is is ludicrous. Bourbon on the other he makes me say infinitely more than my friend chai ever could. And yes, my bourbon is a he.

There are few inanimate objects in this world that can truly be called a "he". Cars, ships, planes, motorcycles, guns, even women themselves...all "she's". And who really knows why. I'm assuming since they are all things that guys like to ride, we feel infinitely more comfortable, and far more straight, riding "she's". But, occasionally there are things, albeit things that men have no real need to straddle, that can be affectionately referred to as a "he". A good bottle of bourbon is one of these things, and with his inspiration, I may from time to time get on this blog and jot down my feelings.

I started journaling this summer in a rough patch where life had seemingly dealt me deuces and...tres's (?)...instead of aces and kings. Needing an outlet I formed what can only be defined as a prayer journal/book of bilbob's feelings, all highly emotional and terribly boring to read about. My feelings as they are written down in that journal, look like the last wishes of a dying man, which unless that man is famous or infamous, is just downright depressing and of no use to anybody whatsoever. I will try my best to spare you, whoever you may be, from that kind of malarkey in this blog.

Anyways a bit about me. I am young, male, and have no common sense. I am all of these to a fault. Because I am young I am impetuous, because I am male I have an overly developed libido which frequently gets me into trouble, and because I have no common sense I have no real safeguard on being young and male. O, and I lose things, like compulsively. So in essence, I am your typical American guy.

But hey, the dude abides.

On a final note for this initial posting, it must also be noted that I am unashamedly religious. I am a Christian, a true one, and if you ever have any questions about that, or if this blog seemingly goes against what you think that faith professes, than by all means, let me know. And I'm assuming if you found your way to this page by accident or even by choice, that you at least know my real identity. But perhaps I'm being naive...

This post was written without the aid or betterment of the fine bottle of Bulleit Bourbon sitting on my desk...

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